Thanks to BDS Team’s Kuldeep Khanapurkar, I have greatly benefited and increased my income.

On my journey of investing in stocks, I am different from the average investor. What I pursue is not just money but also the thrill of investing. For me, investing is not purely luck; it is a reflection of one’s abilities. Joining Kuldeep Khanapurkar’s BDS team has strengthened this belief. In my view, investing in stocks is not about relying on luck; it is a skill built on rich experience and exceptional insight.

When I first entered the stock market, I felt blind and clueless, struggling aimlessly. No matter how brave I was, I ended up failing because the stock market is a formidable opponent that cures every tough talker. However, the folk capital main force BDS team gave the tough talkers a reason to stand tall. After nearly six months of deep thinking about the stock market, I finally chose to join the BDS team. After all, retail investors can only fight against the big players by uniting. This was my fortune. When the collaborative trading platform BEST DEAL CAPITAL of the BDS team appeared on my phone, I found that my attitude towards stock investment had fundamentally changed and became more humble. Because on this platform, I have the opportunity to meet many investment masters who truly impress me and discover many investment methods I hadn’t noticed before.

The reason why the BEST DEAL CAPITAL platform can attract many outstanding investors, private equity tycoons, and securities analysts is because this platform is reliable enough. It is an enterprise with an Indian brand, holding a license issued by the state, with more than one million users. The platform strictly regulates funds, implementing third-party custody, with funds supervised by banks and used exclusively for specific purposes. The BEST DEAL CAPITAL platform cooperates with securities companies and banks for supervision, ensuring that all funds are settled through partners. It also adopts the complete separation of platform accounts and investor asset management accounts to eliminate potential fund management risks. Moreover, the platform requires users to undergo real-name authentication to ensure the security of withdrawal funds.

The maturity of the BEST DEAL CAPITAL platform is attributed to Mr. Kuldeep Khanapurkar, whom I encountered. He is a star investor on the platform with extensive investment experience. He not only has his own investment team but has also been working in the stock market for many years and has served as a securities analyst. Mr. Kuldeep Khanapurkar’s total monthly profit has exceeded 80%, thanks to his outstanding performance in short-term investments. I am deeply inspired by his investment philosophy and have gradually formed my unique investment mindset by learning his methods and strategies.

Previously, on the BEST DEAL CAPITAL platform, I could follow outstanding investors like Mr. Kuldeep Khanapurkar in follow-up operations. This made the entire investment process a self-enjoyment, and learning investment made me stronger inside. Now, I no longer chase money alone but can feel that unique thrill from investing.


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