Legendary marketer – Is Dave Sharpe’s training worth it?

This program teaches people how to start and grow an online business without experience using digital marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing and social media marketing. Legendary Marketer’s products and training come at a high price, so many wonder if it’s worth their money.

The core of the Legendary Marketer system is its set of training products that teach various aspects of digital marketing in a logical progression. It starts with basic introductions to the key concepts and builds in complexity from there. Some of the main training offerings include:

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Digital Marketing Certification
  • Email Copy Blueprint
  • Lead Generation Masterclass
  • Traffic University

In addition to the training, in-depth evaluation of legendary marketer offers marketing tools and software to facilitate the learning process with hands-on application. For instance, it gives members access to affiliate marketing management platforms, email marketing software, hosting solutions, and more. The training incorporates materials like video lessons, downloadable PDFs, step-by-step guides, and other useful resources. Dave Sharpe himself appears in much of the video content.

What users are saying about the program?

Opinions are somewhat mixed on whether or not Legendary Marketer delivers. Looking at various reviews and testimonials: Positive feedback includes:

  • Very thorough training covering all aspects of digital marketing
  • Step-by-step videos easy to follow
  • Useful tools provided to apply the concepts
  • Active support community for when stuck

Many reviews state the training gives a very comprehensive introduction to digital marketing, but the average consumer does not necessarily need in-depth knowledge of every strategy to get a profitable online business up and running. They criticize the upsells that give the impression one must keep purchasing higher levels to get the “real” meat of the training when the core is sufficient for most people’s needs.

So is Dave Sharpe’s training worth the investment?

For an absolute beginner looking to dive into the world of online business and digital marketing, Legendary Marketer provides thorough, structured training developed by experts in the industry. Many states the step-by-step approach helped them grasp concepts better than trying to piece together free information from various sources. The included tools are also useful for applying the strategies learned. However, the program’s offerings are lower in value for intermediate marketers seeking more advanced techniques or niche-specific guidance tailored to their business. Dave Sharpe’s training clearly provides comprehensive digital marketing knowledge. However, its affordability and suitability depend greatly on one’s existing skill level and specific learning needs. Some could gain tremendous value from the structured curriculum, while others better off seeking cheaper or more tailored solutions elsewhere. Each prospective buyer must carefully weigh if Legendary Marketer fits into their budget and interests.

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